September, 01

30th Birthday

A blog (and a yearlong shopping project is born) Read more

November, 14

Baller Status Moment

Flourish in Progress gets a shout-out on The Happiness Project, the inspiration for both the blog and the yearlong project Read more

January, 05

Adweek Interview

"Have you gotten any death threats from Tim Geithner?" Read more

September, 02

Glamour Interview

"Meet The Woman Who Gave Up Shopping For A Year (And Got Back In The Game Yesterday!)" Read more

January, 01

Named Top 100 Mommy Blog

(T)hug Life + Mom Life Read more

August, 02

BlogHer Voices of the Year Keynote Honoree

Presented "To the Person Who Stole My Taco Bell Gordita Savings Fund" Read more

November, 04

The Daily Six: Memoir of the Day

Read more