Monday Dare (& Giveaway!): I see you on that Facebook Grind

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This week: Put down the goddamn phone

Sometimes, I like to play “What Would You Save If Your House Were Burning Down And You Could Only Take Three Things And Don’t Say Your Heirloom Dining Room Table Cuz Ain’t No One Strong Enough To Carry A Goddamn Solid Oak Table” with my friends. I’ve overheard a few snickers and complaints about the length of the title, but I don’t let it get to me. Hateful words often stem from jealousy. Not everyone has a flair for Game Naming.

My mint-condition collection of Yo! MTV Raps trading cards were part of My Three until recently when I had all the good ones matted and framed. I’ll be the first to admit my physical limitations. My shoulder muscles aren’t developed enough to carry an extremely large Rap Shrine.

I’d save Cal’s baby book even though I stopped updating it when she was four months old because clearly, I’m just too lazy to do even one thing right for my only child. Whenever friends and family ask to see recent pictures of Cal, I just tell them to “Facebook that shit, motherfucker.”

I thought about saying some socially acceptable answers for my other items, but that’s not how our friendship works, and I honor that.

I would save my iPhone. Everyone always responds with three items, but I don’t need that many. When you’ve got a mostly empty baby book and your best friend, what more do you need?

Vincent (don’t even try to pretend that your phone doesn’t have a name too) and I have been through a lot. We recently took a trip to San Francisco together:

I saved this picture on my computer as BestBuddies.jpg. It probably would have been a much better shot if my three friends from the Ghetto Genius Crew weren’t crowded around us. Jay Wunder, the Ghetto Genius himself, wrote afterwards on his site:Flo-Rich was glued to her fucking phone Facebooking, Twittering and Instagramming so much that Anonymous pulled her ass to the side and said she was two posts away from a goddamn intervention. 

I made an effort to keep Vincent in my purse the next evening, but my hands weren’t used to being unoccupied. My ears weren’t used to the silence. The constant ding of emails and texts and tweets and notifications from Facebook and Instagram and Words with Friends and phone calls and weather alerts is what lets me know I’M ALIVE, BITCHES.

I slipped away and locked myself in a bathroom stall. Maybe I took too long, but I’m sure there are perfectly good explanations for being in a public restroom for 47 minutes, none of which I could think of when I heard a knock on the stall door: “I SEE YOU ON THAT FACEBOOK GRIND. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE.”The first step is admitting I have a problem. That’s what I learned from my friend H-Bomb during my intervention inside the women’s restroom at O’Reilly’s


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This week: MNKR “Fuck the Fuckers” T-shirts Giveaway

I proudly wear this t-shirt in public all the time. Except when I have to go to PTA meetings. Then, I’ll throw a delicate cardigan over it, and all you can read is “UC H CKE.” Yesterday, I bumped into Kandace, one of the brains behind MNKR’s fierce line of apparel and accessories, and she generously offered TWO Fuck the Fuckers t-shirts (one women’s, one men’s) for this giveaway. Thanks, Kandace!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below with the three things you would save if we were playing “What Would You Save If Your House Were Burning Down And You Could Only Take Three Things And Don’t Say Your Heirloom Dining Room Table Cuz Ain’t No One Strong Enough To Carry A Goddamn Solid Oak Table.” Only comments left on THIS POST qualify. I’ll announce a winner next Monday.LAST WEEK’S SKULL NECKLACE WINNER: Danielle with the numbers 0212 in your email address. Please email me at flourishinprogress at gmail dot com.

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  • chemegirljaime

    I’m assuming the firemen will save my pets n shit so I won’t write them… cuz otherwise I’m out of arms..

    ok.. so I would save my camera and laptop because they are the only two things that I own of worth in my house… and after that? ..probably my childhood baby blanket.. cuz I hope to someday give it to my daughter if I ever have one.

  • Megan Boone

    Oh my gosh – it looks like I actually get to be first! Hmm…I’m gonna need my pink pistol, my camera, and, I mean phone.

    • chemegirljaime

      I beat you by ONE minute… and excuse me while I do the “I’m first” happy dance.. because it rarely fucking happens!


      • Megan Boone

        pshh- if I’d known i still wasn’t going to be first I would’ve taken the time to make a more badass list. Instead I was all under the gun, and choked

  • Sarah Clark

    3 things huh…well, my t-pain microphone has brought me hours of entertainment, the flash drive (has all the same info on it as my laptop) that helps me maintain the lifestyle I am use to, and something sentimental likes my box of photos or something lol.

  • Hope Good

    If all you were doing in the bathroom in a bar in SF is playing on your phone, you are forgiven. I am sure if those walls could talk they would say, “please, lard jesus, child, tap away on your phone instead of doing what all the other wretches do while ensconced in my four walls.”

  • Amanda Melendez

    The three things that I would save if my house was buring down are: (In NO meaningful order)
    1. My vibrating humming bird.. (No woman should leave home, especially a buring home, without it. Those suckers are WAY too expensive to let burn down. Hummmmmm :)
    2. My Brand New Coach purse. I LOVE this Coach purse. Plus, this fucker is WAYYY to expensive too allow my burning down house smell like smoldering wood and Cow.
    3. My wedding ring. I love my husband and my wedding ring means the WORLD to me. 4/20 baby!!!
    Thug life bitches!!

  • Lisa W

    My parents wedding rings, my iPhone and my iPhone charger cord because my motherfuckin phone is a battery hog. How can I feed my addiction if the damn thing isn’t charged up?

  • Judy Lyn

    Three things that doesn’t involve an antique oak table… this is on the assumption the kids are out safe already and the Mr. is not knocked unconscious by a falling beam.

    1. My purse because it is a modern day Mary Poppins bag. Seriously, I have a metal door knob in it. I have no idea why I do but why not?

    2. My laptop bag because it has my laptop and external hard drive which has all my photos and favourite internet memes saved on it.

    3. Winter boots because it’s winter here at the moment and there is snow all over the fucking place. I want dry toasty feet whilst I watch my house burn down and I realize I forgot to rescue the caged rabbit.

    I’m a horrible pet owner. I should find the rabbit a new home before I turn him in a roasted marshmallow.

  • Jennifer Folmar

    Dang… Now I’ve gotta choose… phone, stuffed bear from childhood, hitatchi magic wand… I would also holler at my honey to gtfo before his ass got burned up.

  • Michelle Szetela

    What’s with all these women bringing their wedding rings? Don’t y’all WEAR your wedding rings? I totally don’t count that as A Thing to Bring if you’re already wearing it anyway.

    So, I’d bring the family heirloom jewelry (I’m counting it as One Thing because it’s my list and I’m an English teacher and counting is HARD); my laptop (because it all the important stuff like my wedding pictures); and my iPhone and its stuff. I almost said husband, but then I remembered my iPhone, and I’m guessing he (my husband) would be smart about keeping himself alive, and could get hisself out, and I couldn’t think of a third thing. (My iPhone’s name is Ethel. It’s a girl phone.)

  • lindsey

    I would bring my Ipod, my jewelry box, and my phone, i couldn;t survive without my music or my phone and all of my jewelry is sentimental.

  • Brianna Catherine

    My galaxy s3 obviously it’s my lifeline. My kids bc that seems like the proper thing to do. And my pooch chihuahua Nugget cuz that badass has been a constant through all the shit.

  • Guest

    I would

  • Sarah

    I would save the fancy camera I got for my birthday because I love fancy shit and I still haven’t learned how to use it. I cant let it die before our relationship is able to flourish to its full potential. I’d also save my laptop even though my kids have ripped off like half the keys and sent them to Mount Doom or some fucking other place where they’ll never be found again, and my gorgeous reddish brown riding boots that I bought the last time I had money to spend on myself {aka that month we didn’t have hot water….through no fault of mine, I promise}

  • FearlessFibro

    This is assuming my kids can get out fine on their own, right?

    If that’s true, then my phone, my meds, and some wine. Cause a house fire is a GREAT time to drink. STELLAR.

  • mad4jes

    Phone, Passport, & proof that its my house that’s burning down. FEMA can replace everything else.

    • Candice Franklin

      Smart. I guess the whole proof thing WOULD be important huh? You must be an insurance agent ;) or attorney.

  • heidi

    Teddy Bear, guinea pig, and journals. I swear i’m not 15.

  • Angie

    I have a old trunk full of pictures that I’d attempt to get out and my two cats.

  • Carly Moorehead

    Hm, clearly my pets (they count as one for me), my car keys, and my gun.

    • Candice Franklin

      Priorities. Love it

  • Haley

    I would take my fish. He was abandoned at a young and delicate age (when I found him in a dorm room that someone moved out of) and I would hate for him to relive the memories…

    My iPhone

    My LoveSac… It took me ten years to convince someone to get one of those for me. I’m rather attached to it now.

  • Jennifer

    My Ducati (it’s heavy but the wheels make it easier to move around), my lucky seed and a photo of my kids (because there’s four of them and I don’t want to show favoritism my taking three out and leaving one behind)

  • Jeneral Insanity

    I’m with FearlessFibro on assuming the kids can get out safely on their own. I have three of them, and if I have to use my three things on them, then I’m gonna be PISSED!

    I would grab my purse (because it houses my phone, keys, makeup, tiny pad of paper & pen, and all the other meaningless junk I love), my laptop, and whatever alcohol I had on hand (usually a bottle of rum) because with no home, I’m drinkin’ bitches!

  • Yummmy

    Since I have no kids the most precious things in my life are my wigs…gotta spare room full of ’em. Let’s just count them all as one item cuz like offspring, it is unfair for me to make a Sophie’s Choice. I love all 32 of them equally, plus the variety will help me confuse the Allstate agent processing my claims…yes, I said claims…as in plural. Next would be my little Yorkie…that is a ride or die buddy of mine. Finally, my Galaxy S III cuz Ima need to be Facebooking my tragedy asking Mark Z. to give me $1 for every Like and $5 for every comment on my pics and status updates.

  • Catherine

    Love this post. You keep shit real and I’m into it. Be a mom, but don’t lose yourself. Love it. Anyway, I would grab my pup, the handmade scrap book I have of my exotic travels and my family album. Pictures are my life line!

  • Geoffrey Taylor

    Since my Heirloom Dining Room Table is out, I’d go with my laptop, car keys, and wallet. Without my laptop I may as well be dead anyway, car keys to actually drive away, and wallet because I have no intention of waiting in line at the MVA to replace my license. Also, if my house does burn down, I hope it’s during the evening when I’m there to save these things and not at night when I might not be wearing enough clothes to make a run for it.

  • Tracy Myers-Ebersole

    iPad and ummm….the portraits of my sons – who am I kidding – probably just my iPad.

  • Ronalee Duncan

    Three things huh?

    #1 My phone is coming with me. It really needs a name, but I’m pretty sure it thinks it’s name is “damn thing” because that’s usually what I call it. Why the hell do I have to pull the battery out 5 times a day? Damn thing!! Stuffing the charger into my pocket and calling it a freebie.
    #2 The laptop bag, with the laptop in it of course. SWEET !! This gets me access to all of my passwords, photos, and shit like that. (why am I cussing?) This bag is empty right now, but after I send this I am cramming it full of flash drives, power cords, and snickers just to be prepared. (after adding #3 I am stuffing a spare bra in there too)
    #3 This was a little harder to decide. I LOVE my camera and I know that I would feel lost without it, but I think I will be screaming at my guy to grab the camera or he is going to have to buy me a new one. Since the only thing he will want is his golf clubs and they are already in the car, his arms will be free. I will be grabbing a sports bra as my third thing. There is no way I am standing outside the burning building with my girls drooping.

    • Ronalee Duncan

      adding here that I am grumpy because I have a grey head in this comment and I can’t get logged into disqus to fix it. If I win I hope I see it.

  • Candice Franklin

    Ok, so now I’m not even mad anymore that I haven’t won the contest yet, because I want…no scratch that… NEED this shirt in my life. To wear to PTA meetings without the cardigan, because I’m a G and I can do things like that.

    I guess since the heirloom table can’t go because I’m not HeMan, the piano can’t either. Bummer. So…. My Purse (which has my phone in it) the nearest laundry basket (with a ton of all our clothes in it, because I am too lazy to fold them. Don’t judge) And the box with all of my grandmothers jewelry.

    I guess this could be seen as cheating, but in a way it is quite organized. Three large items, all collectively containing hundreds.

    I win.

  • Mary Kay Byers Wilburn

    3 things? My computer because I don’t own an iPhone (shit – I gotta fix that someday), The box of photos that are not in my computer that I am SUPPOSE to be scrapbooking (the daughter will have done and graduated by the time I get to that)., and my pets. We had a house fire four years ago and insurance will replace everything else.

  • Johi Kokjohn-Wagner

    My pirate chest of gold, everything with a beating heart and some lip gloss, because I can’t handle chapped lips.

  • Misty

    Well damn. Now we’re talking!! I need that shirt. That is my entire world philosophy AND motto all rolled into one!

    Well, obviously I would grab my iPhone. I haven’t named her yet, because I feel that would be presumptuous. I figure she’ll tell me her name when she’s ready. I don’t wanna be a pusher.

    I would also grab the kids. I mean, you can’t take more pictures with your iPhone of your kids if they are all burnt up in the embers, right?

    And . . . hmm, I’m sure there are some important documents or something that I should grab as well, but I’d probably try to throw on as many of my favorite sweaters and such as I could before running out of the house. You can’t beat a good sweater.

    Now . . . can I have my T-shirt, please? I’ll even take the mens. I’m not picky. :D

  • Sigh1961

    Believe it or not, I had the opportunity to put this to the test. My wife and I always discussed what we would grab in a fire.(the name of our game was a little shorter)Being childless, we came up with a few things we would grab: Cats, Wedding Album, and purse/wallet(obviously, we were newlyweds). The building we lived in had one of those elaborate fucking fire alarms, where there is a panel in the lobby so the firemen know where the fire is, and these fucking ginormous bells in the hallway of each floor.

    The system was always malfunctioning, usually when it was -20 degrees outside, and we would be jarred awake at 3 am by one of those damn bells ringing loud enough to loosen your fillings. Hence the discussion about what we would grab if there was a real fire.

    Finally, a night came when we were once again slammed awake in the wee hours, but this time there was smoke! A real fire! We snatched the pussies and ran. Fuck the wedding album, screw everything, I don’t want to die in a fire. I can replace all that shit. I can’t replace me or the ones I love.

    Turns out it was some dipshit that fell asleep while he was heating up some soup. Who the fuck eats soup at 3 am?

    The moral is, if your house is on fire, get your ass out. Better yet, make plan where you are going to meet so you can make sure everyone is out.

  • HawtScientist

    Assuming my children and best friend saved themselves…because they’re badass motherfuckers?!

    I’d take my computer because it holds all of my cherished photos and videos (a.k.a. priceless pr0n collection); my largest external hard drive (which coincidentally contains the rest of my collection..cause, hey, that shit is carefully tested and selected—consuming my precious time); and my toy collection which is conveniently stored in a nice travel case. Boom.

  • Sue

    Someone gave me a giant frog that lights up (it brings me good luck and gives inspiring stares with it’s gigantic eyes when I need it), my Charles’s Angles lunchbox (because I still want to be Jill Munroe and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with that) and my magic 8 ball (because after the fire there will be some super big decisions to be made and I don’t know if I can do that alone).

  • Stephanie Salomone

    The kids and husband can get out on their own, right? So, two cats, and…that’s prolly it. You know. Things that are breathing.

  • Brittany

    My dog, a few books, my phone.

    Because I need a phone to call 911, right?

  • Diana Lynch

    Again, as others.. assuming the kids, the hubby, and the dog make it out without my help.. lol

    Crap… this is hard. My brand new camera that broke me buying it, my laptop, and the box of important docs.

  • Liz

    Kids, dogs, and the wine. Definitely the wine.

  • Susan

    My computer, my mom’s ring, the closest painting I could grab.

  • Da arenga

    My dog, My glasses, My hubby( mind as well,right)

  • Holly Hoyos

    Phone, kids, purse. Husband is responsible for himself. Fire is bad and it scares the holy Hell outta me!

  • Karin

    My laptop and some baby photos and my handfasting cords from my wedding. I’m pretty strong, so I think I could handle a few photo albums.

  • Becca (aka SMC)

    Oh lord, my phone, my ipad and my wallet, mostly cuz imma need to buy a bunch of new shit if my house burns down right?

  • Makila Ison

    My iphone is surgically attached to me, my kids know how to jump and run, so I would take: laptop, gun (ain’t nobody gonna loot my burning house!) and guitar (so I can sing the blues about my money pit burning to the ground).

  • Chonie

    Totally my iPhone , how else will I let everyone know my house is in the process of burning down if I don’t have access to fb? My pictures of my glorious partying years so i can prove to my boys that i ONCE was cool and my black cat but only cuz my kid would be devastated without him.

  • SlopeDope224

    My wedding ring I have yet to pawn off because the fucker I married was a douche nozzle. Any liquor left in the cabinet that I can carry… and yes, my phone. This is all assuming my kids get out on their own.

  • Hope Braley

    1. My British boyfriend (let’s be real, he’s a novelty in ‘Merica)
    2. First addition murder books
    3. Penguin ear muffs

    • Knotted Tresses

      First editions wonderful. One of my co workers told me that books are stupid. Unfuckingbelieveable.

      • Hope Braley

        That is so horrible! When we reach the age where everything is online archives I will hopefully have collected enough books to constitute my own library…couldn’t live without the tingling feeling you get when cracking open a new book (not to mention that old books smell). Don’t let books go extinct! (and you might want to consider putting laxative in your coworkers coffee…that fucker!)

        • Knotted Tresses

          Ohhh i would if i could but she is so fucked up as it is. She didn’t realize that when products are tested on animals the animals are actually harmed. I thought they just shampoo and condition them. Quote. She also tried to get her dogs to nurse from her breasts. Full deck…no.

          • Hope Braley

            That is bleak. Maybe you should just do a number on her like Tim and Dawn do to Garreth in the British version of the office…it’s the only way to survive a work day with people who don’t deserve a paycheck. I’m a music student at Berklee and I have to deal with the biggest idiots of all time…LOTS of hipsters…God speed! xo

  • Stephanie Hansen

    First off, my dogs can get out on their own. Open the door and they’re gone. My husband will not need prompting either. Everything is insured, so fuck it, we’ll buy new stuff. Nothing matters except people. I buried enough of them to know that. I would take the cd case with all the cd’s that have the pictures on them of our daughter who died 5yrs ago just before she turned 16…her name is Seanna. Irreplacable!!! My baby. Love of my life. Also on the discs are pictures of my best friend, Sandra, who died of breast cancer three years ago. But first, she and I went on a month long trip across Canada and the US by train. Fuckin’ cool!!! I was her ‘nursemaid’ during the trip because she was going through chemo, but we had a BLAST and the pics are EPIC! After she died I went on another month long trip in her honour, also by train and the pics are all of people I met along the way. My other bestie died of cancer while I was on the trip. I can’t part with those discs!!! So…the pics…and my purse, that has my wallet and phone to call my friends to let them know I’m alright, and my meds…’cause I’m gonna need help getting over watching my house burn the fuck down. And my husband’s wallet. That’s three things and we’re good. Not and exciting list. But I really want that shirt, babe! I’ll send you one of my paintings in return: FUCK YOU YOU FUCK’N FUCK. I’m an artist and I sell a lot of those little gems. LOL Not my ‘finest art’, but people love the little signs. Oh yeah, I have a house full of expensive art I’ve painted, but I wouldn’t touch it when I run out of the house. Stuff is just stuff. Life is everything.

  • Angelica Rigney

    Booze, Meds & Sunglasses hahaha

  • Angel

    1. My little shits. I can’t live without them. I love my kids.

    2. My purse. Everything I need in life is in there.

    3. Beer.

  • CaliforniaGirl500

    Pretty funny foto of you “glued to the fucking phone”. I guess you’d be takin’ that?

    Me? My photo albums & drawers of photos. They’ll never make it on to my computers. There’s not enough scan time in the world for that.

    Also, my dogs.

  • Sass E. Minx

    1. Marcia, my phone. Cuz she’s always naggin for attention “it’s always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”
    2. My laptop that has all the photo proof my kid’s having a good life despite the fact she tells everyone how mean her momma is, “she won’t let me stay home by myself.” Hey kid, you’re four and this game is hypothetical. I leave you at home alone and shit gets real hot real fast.
    3. Marshmallows. For when shit gets real hot real fast.

  • Knotted Tresses

    My phone, my purse and the extra weave hair I have stashed in case of emergencies. White boy and the dog can run along side me.

  • Kathy W

    This is tough because not only am I a borderline hoarder, I really love all my stuff. My phone is already in my pocket so I am not going to include it in this list. This is what I would take:

    1. My PFD because if the house burns, I’m moving on my boat.

    2. My computer passwords

    3. My two dogs — if they count as two, I’ll bring one and my husband can bring the other.

    This all assumes that my husband can get out on his own and will carry three things, too.

  • debby

    My cool and nothing else. That’s right. I have insane insurance, so I’ll just sing on the stoop “we don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn. Burn, motherfucker. BURN!”

  • Angela Ryan

    I am going to go with the below comment that assumes my children are already out of the house fine and we’re talking about items — not people are pets. So, okay hubby is good, babes are good, floor pissing but lucky-for-her cute as shit dog is good, so now what? I like the wine idea I saw here too, but I can buy that shit anywhere. So, this is so dorky, but the first thing is Kirby. Kirby is a cross-drossing teddy bear that I got when I was born. He’s in amazing shape for a 34 year old bear in a pretty blue dress. He must make it, because he already made it through one fire when I was two. His ass fur is burnt off a little bit, but his dress hides this. Okay, then, I would save my box of old writings so I can read my journals and remember how fucking dramatic I was at age 12 — and realize I’m still a fucking drama queen, but with better vocabulary, and much better breasts. Then I would try to save photo albums. Pretty cliche choice, but I love photos. You’re welcome for the ungodly long post about cross-dressing teddy bears. I may need to snap a picture and send it to you sometime; I’m sure you’re dying with curiousity. And hells yeah — fuck the fuckers. I wrote a post on my own blog inspired by your shirt. I think I sent you a link when you were also included in my “Blogging’s Most Bad Ass Bitches” post. Keep being you — even if you can’t put down the phone, because you kick ass!

  • Jaime Lee

    I’d chuck my 3 German Shepherds over my shoulders (160kg, no probs), the piece of paper my fiance wrote his phone number on when he asked me out 7 years ago & my mint condition Mr.Men and Little.Miss book collection. Seriously, that shit took me ages to collect as a kid. Peace!

  • Jenifer H.

    1. My little mini-me & hubby
    2. The dogs
    3. The external hard drive with all our pictures.

  • leanne koh

    You were in SF?! Well, I’m not ghetto enough to hang. I hope you had fun… in the bathroom stall.

  • Amber Holt

    I’d take my cat, you know since cats are bitches and never fucking listen, so I’d have to drag her ass out.
    My iPad for entertainment and My iPhone so I can make calls about getting the other crap replaced.

  • Alexandria Campbell

    Ok all my kids& husband are out safe & the firefighter says to me “Ok go back in & get three things NOW” what would I get? Not a damn thing. I got renters insurance. WE GONNA GO SHOPPIN’

  • Melisa Wong

    My BF and I had this conversation back when we first met, and I told him something about as long as my family was safe then nothing else matters, it’s all replaceable. BUT if I really had to pick three things, I would go with the family (there’s four of them so I’m going to be selfish and group them and count them as one thing!), my phone, and… a book? Doesn’t really matter which one. My house is burning down after all, can’t waste time being picky. :) And now that I think about it, I don’t really want my phone because people would probably just be nosy and wonder how my house caught on fire and knowing me, it’d probably be my fault and I would rather not explain over and over again..

  • Vivian

    Thankfully all the HDs and important docs are safe in a fireproof…safe, lol. I’d totally take my phone, laptop, and my LV white/gray damier bag (love that bag!).

  • test


  • Alison

    I’ll save my kids, because they’re kinda cute and I kinda like them.

  • Kristina M Schnabel

    My phone, my external hard drive, and the coffee mug with the naked dude on it that my friend made me.

  • unitedstatesofbecky

    OhmyGod-OhmyGod-OhmyGod! – I am so glad you are doing a giveaway of this shirt. I’m in love with it. So, um…just 3 things? My cat, Isabelle . . . um . . . this game sucks. I want to save everything. I guess my cat and my lock box with all the important documents in it.

  • The Sweet Spot Blog

    Dogs, cat, husband…I’m not sure he could get out on his own! I’ll just buy all new stuff with the insurance money.

  • Dayna Veach

    Assuming my cats escape on their own…

    10 years ago it would have been my photo albums, because my whole life is in those, the hot chick I was and still am when I clean up, the fun times. These days, I don’t need to remind myself I was cool once, I know I’m cool, and I don’t need the photos. I think it would be the things that have been in my mind lately:

    1) The last painting my mother did. She was an artist, and before she died, I told her that I wanted something for ME. Her painting of irises was the last thing she did, and it was for me.

    2) My last birthday present from my husband. He has an artist friend whose art is not my thing, but he chose something that was totally adorable seen in real life, supported a friend and a local artist, knew my taste, and remembered when I had once stated “I wish we had a few more things on the wall, it would be cozier”.

    3) Jewelry box. Diamonds, natch.

  • Jen

    Our external hard drive with all the boys pics on them, My mickey mouse doll that I slept with until my husband banned it from our bed, and my wedding dvd.

  • Sarah Rau Peterson

    My husband would grab the fireproof safe, so I ain’t even gonna bother. Kids got out. Fine. I’m taking my Motley Crue book collection: The Dirt, The Heroin Diaries, and This is Gonna Hurt. That’s how I roll. Fuck the Fuckers.

  • Sunny

    So we have all established the kid(s) and dog(s)/cat(s) can escape safely on their own. Seriously I could care less about my phone, I need a new one anyway and what a perfect excuse. I would save the box containing my journals, of which I still write, because I need a reference (because alcohol was involved most of the time) when I write some kick ass book about how awesome I am. Fuck saving the liquor, if my friends are real friends they will drive over to watch my house burn and bring their own liquor and buy me more when they take my ass back to their house to stay for a few weeks. Of course the keys to my car/purse are important because I love my car and it’s paid for, and my father’s flat cap, which he was never without because he was a total pimp.

  • skip2malou

    1. Giraffe earrings
    2. Favorite coat that my mom bought me
    3. Awesome tshirt that technically isn’t legal
    This was tough. I tried to pick things that are irreplaceable. Even if I bought the same exact thing, the story behind it wouldn’t be the same.

  • harleymike

    My phone my harley outta the garage n fuck everything else its replaceable

  • Gocalbears

    iPhone, iPad, and the box of cash under my bed. Cause I’m classy like that.

  • Ky

    Squid (my cow pillow pet), a blanket, and my laptop.

    Because I’m a college student and it’s finals season. The dorms here are so old that it takes about 3 minutes for the entire building to burn to the ground. Probably gonna be homeless for a while.

  • Eva

    My pet turtle (George), my Panda bear from my childhood, and my macbook pro.

  • schumannhertz

    phone (mostly for the phone #s, not necessarily for the phone itself)
    book of stories i wrote
    THE END!!!

  • nikki b

    1. Hand Sanitizer- I assume people will hug me and want to touch me and console me for my house burning down and if I don’t have it I will freak. OCD much? Yes.

    2. My Dog- I have one of those ugly stickers on my door that says “SAVE us too” and insert pet name. But I have a feeling my dog would be super freaked out by fire, smoke and big burly men. I on the other hand could handle a big burly man carrying me out. :)

    3. Dog food. B/c she’s crabby when she doesn’t eat

  • Elizabeth Barnes

    pictures, my signed Chris Colfer book, and my paper journal.

  • elizabeth

    My new motorcycle boots. It took me two years to find them and I am not parting with those bitches. My wine collection. (It’s lighter then the dining room table.) My dog. Mushy and expected I know. But Stella has seen it all.

  • Linda

    my laptop, my camera bag, and my pet rabbit!