Monday Dare: This is why we can’t have nice things

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This week: Stop losing shit

Back in the day, when I only owned a bunch of cheap shit, I never lost anything. It was a point of pride for me. I wouldn’t shove my specialness in other people’s faces when they complained about losing another pair of sunglasses or their kid. I might say something like, “Oh man, that really blows. I don’t know what you’re going through because I’ve never lost anything before in my life, but I still really want to be friends with you because I choose to focus on the positives in people and not their faults.” I’m pretty good at building people up. It’s another one of my qualities.

Then, I started buying nicer things. Yes, it would be nice to scoop up a paisley print tote at the dollar store for a total investment of $1.09, but sometimes, I just need to be fucking reckless with my life. “Go ahead and buy a similar-looking tote at Target for $19.99. You DESERVE it,” I would tell myself.

And I insisted on a real diamond wedding band. I don’t know if you’ve ever checked out the impressive selection of moissanite rings at Kohl’s, but they really do have a diamond-like presence for a fraction of the cost. I gave this option some consideration, but then I remembered that diamonds are a thug’s best friend. I’m all about staying true to the game. It’s also another one of my qualities. I hope I’m not starting to sound too brag-y.

Harv insisted on insuring the diamond ring. He’s all about the “just in case.” It’s also why we have health insurance and not one, but THREE boxes of band-aids stashed around the house. You’re probably thinking that he wastes a lot of money. I happen to agree.

Maybe the Universe thought my specialness was really starting to bring other people down and devised a plan to level things out. And what better way to stick it to me than by losing my wedding ring in a Vegas nightclub. While sober. Did it fling off when I put my hands in the air and danced like I just don’t care? Did it fall to the floor as I was doing the Dougie? I have some pretty impressive dance moves, which is another one of my qualities, but let’s not focus on that right now. We’re trying to solve a mystery.

I searched in vain, crawling through a sea of hooker heels and Drakkar Noir. No luck. I finally admitted defeat and stepped outside to call Harv. After explaining the situation, I asked if it might still be okay to come home. I was prepared to start looking for a new place of residence. And because Harv’s best qualities are patience and forgiveness, he focused first on calming me down and then reminded me that the ring was insured.

I promised never to lose anything else again. He showed his faith by giving me a beautiful gold bracelet soon afterwards.

Which I lost this past weekend in New York.

I’m terrified of walking out of the house with anything of value now. I suppose I could staple shit to my body, but I’m afraid of pain. Does that make me a selfish person?

Do you lose things? What are some things you’ve lost?

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