Monday Dare: Yes, you too may use this idea

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This week: Read gooder books

Hi. It’s good to see you again. It’s been a while. Like…a whole week. It was just really hard to write a blog post from jail.

JUST KIDDING. I SWEAR. Also, to the people who I used to date that have previously been or are currently incarcerated- I was not making a dig at you. Y’all have taught me everything I need to know in life about eating whole meals with just a spoon, even tough pieces of meat, and creating fine weaponry out of toothpaste caps.

Going to jail is one of my biggest fears. That, and mothers of ugly babies asking me what I think of their offspring.

I try to be prepared for all of life’s obstacles, so I’ve devised a plan to keep me out of the shithouse if I’m ever doing time.

After watching a lot of movies about incarceration, it’s clear to me that people who are locked up like to earn at least two masters degrees (usually, one of them is in psychology or religion) or acquire useful skills they can use “out there.” They seem to like to read a lot. That’s when this brilliant plan came to me. BAM!

Prison book club.

I can see it now: Women badly in need of eyebrow grooming and dental work, shedding a tear or three over the last few pages of a touching novella, comparing notes about character flaws and the Mametian twist at the end.

So, I need your help. I’ve had the misfortune of reading a lot of terrible books in the past few months. What’s your favorite book of all time? Anything you’ve read lately you’d like to suggest? I’d like to gather your recommendations. Just in case.

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