Monday Dare: Shivving the Tooth Fairy

Every Monday, I’m picking from the list of Things to Do, Places to Go, Possible Acts that Help and Possible Fun to Have. It’s a list I made before The Project started, and I’m still adding to it. If you have suggestions, please feel free to throw them my way. I’m calling the list my Monday Dares, as I get overwhelmed just looking at the words “challenge” or “goal.”

This week: I will stop tricking my child.

Cal refuses to part with her baby teeth. Every time she loses a tooth, she attaches a note inviting the Tooth Fairy to look all she wants, but to leave the tooth…and her dollar.
Instead of complying last time, the Tooth Fairy left this note along with a single penny.
Cal is now demanding that we look up the contact information for the Toothministrator in Region C, District 5D. She wants to lodge a formal complaint.
It’s time. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy are all getting whacked this week.

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