i think they drank haterade

When I started telling friends, family and strangers about The Project, I anticipated a few questions. I thought, surely, folks would ask how much I had saved so far or if I had cheated at all. 

Guess the NUMBER ONE question I get asked.
Can you buy groceries?
I haven’t figured out a simple way to answer this yet. It always come out something like:
Er…well…umm…I kinda have to eat so, no, I haven’t given up food….yet. 
That seems to get the askers a little miffed. Then, of course, they give me permission to keep buying groceries, but I can see a little glint in their eyes that says Cheater!
I always feel apologetic afterwards. I walk around for a few minutes with my head lowered, debating:
Sheesh, Elizabeth, maybe it’s time to give up this “I Need Food” charade.
That only lasts for a few seconds. Let’s Get Real. It’ll be a cold day in hell before someone snatches this bag of kettle korn out of my greasy little hands.
photo via blueq.com

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