y’all, Jesus did this

Telling nothing but the truth is exhausting and tedious. There is a strong chance that I have three less friends today than I did on Monday. This week, I was planning to chronicle each day’s adventures in a detailed post. I enjoy sharing the pain. It’s the giver in me. That didn’t happen. Unfortunately, an issue completely overshadowed my glorious experiment.

The issue: Jesus.

By Tuesday, I was ready to quit. I called Harv to get a little support and to tell him that no matter what, I was sticking it out for the rest of the week.

Me: I think Jesus is mad at me.

Harv: Jesus?

Me: He planted this idea in my head to teach me a lesson. It’s backfiring.

Harv: What does Jesus have to do with anything?

(Men are so dense.)

Me: Jesus told the truth. Now, I’m telling the truth. Hello?! Totally connected.

Harv: Are you going to talk about this on your blog? I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about Jesus. Religion is a sensitive issue.

Me: Religion? I’m just talking about Jesus trying to teach me a lesson. How do those two things relate at all??

He stayed silent for a minute. I think he realized that I was right. I can’t help being right all the time. I feel bad. I should let Harv win sometimes.

Every day, right as I was about to recount my Jesus-inspired misadventures in truth-telling, Harv rolled his eyes. He said he was being socially conscious. I think he was just being a know-it-all. I got waylaid by Jesus Harv and it really took the glory away from all that tiresome honesty.
Truth-telling: I don’t recommend it. Lie, people, lie.
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