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Vacay, y’all

I’ll be back in a few days.

I’m currently at a creative retreat with 175 women. And one man. That man is obviously a genius.

P.S. Harv called to inform me that he woke Cal up 30 minutes earlier than usual this morning. He said he needed the extra time because he was nervous about doing her hair for school. His ponytail was a success…..a little crooked, a little bumpy and not all the hair made it in, but still a success.

i think they drank haterade

When I started telling friends, family and strangers about The Project, I anticipated a few questions. I thought, surely, folks would ask how much I had saved so far or if I had cheated at all. 

Guess the NUMBER ONE question I get asked.
Can you buy groceries?
I haven’t figured out a simple way to answer this yet. It always come out something like:
Er…well…umm…I kinda have to eat so, no, I haven’t given up food….yet. 
That seems to get the askers a little miffed. Then, of course, they give me permission to keep buying groceries, but I can see a little glint in their eyes that says Cheater!
I always feel apologetic afterwards. I walk around for a few minutes with my head lowered, debating:
Sheesh, Elizabeth, maybe it’s time to give up this “I Need Food” charade.
That only lasts for a few seconds. Let’s Get Real. It’ll be a cold day in hell before someone snatches this bag of kettle korn out of my greasy little hands.
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