Obviously, you people are saints

If you commented on this week’s Monday Dare, I just want you to know that I would trade two of my other friends for you.

If you didn’t leave a comment, you’re probably one of the friends being traded.
A big slap on the back and a thumbs up to the 149 commenters.
Because of the generous donation matching by Noa Gavin, Stefanie Wilder Taylor and my family…

149 comments= 450 dollars

(I rounded. It’s the only kind of math I can do. Don’t judge.)
Fucking awesome, y’all.
What does $450 in goodies look like?
P.S. I’ve been thinking a lot about Black Friday tonight. I’m not participating in the madness for the first time in many years because of The Project. My resolve was strong until I checked my backlog of voicemails from this week.
The sales guy from my favorite shoe store called to tell me that 90% of the store would be on sale tomorrow. I guess it’s not really Thanksgiving in my house until I yell, “Don’t you know I’m not shopping for a year, bitch!” at my phone.
I know what you’re thinking…how does she shoulder the burden of being so classy?
Are you venturing out this weekend? Give a girl the scoop…what did you buy?

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