i’m pretty sure i’m right

Where: Home
When: Right after I hung up with a new dental office to make an appointment for a cleaning (I care about dental health)

Harv: I can’t believe you have to wait until April for your cleaning.Me: April? I’m going in next week.Harv: I heard you mention April 28th.

Me: Yeah, she wanted to verify benefits for me. Since the insurance is under your name, she asked me for your birthday.

Harv: My birthday’s in March.

Me: ………

Harv: We’ve spent my last three birthdays together. Did you get confused?

Me: No, I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Harv: You’re pretty sure you’re right about MY birthday?

Well, shit. He did have a point.

This is really going to screw my chances for getting that “Wife of the Year” trophy I saw at the airport gift shop.

*Surely, SURELY, I can’t be the only wife to screw up a husband’s birthdate or forget something else important. Anything you’d like to get off your chest? Unless you’re the perfect wife, in which case, you’re probably pretty tired, so no need to trouble yourself by bragging below. 

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