Choose your own adventure

Flourish in Progress.

What is that, exactly?

This blog is my project, a present to myself for my 30th birthday.

To celebrate this milestone birthday, I wanted to keep a difficult resolution, meet a challenge and smile through most of it. I asked myself, “How can I do something worthy of my own respect?”

So, {deep breath} I’m doing it. I’m giving up my favorite pastime-needless spending.

I find myself at a store too often these days. A clothing store, a craft store, a jewelry store, a department store, a home furnishings store, a bookstore, a makeup store, a discount store…you get the idea. I might be inclined to label the needless spending as a shopping addiction, but my enjoyment extends further than the actual purchase. I find pleasure in perusal.  I’m happy just to walk around, chuckle at an odd window display, buy a lemonade and go home. Purchase or no purchase, either way, I spend too much time somewhere where I can buy something.

I want to know:
What happens to life outside the mall? What happens when I take away my favorite mindless activity? Since I can’t shop, what can I do? Who could I help? Could I be even happier?

I’m excited to find out.

You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You’re on your own and you know what you know
And you are the one who’ll decide where to go.

-Dr. Seuss

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  • Penelope

    I LOVE this idea!! Glad you found me so I can follow your journey. :)

  • Kristan

    Sounds like a great gift to yourself, and a fun experiment. Love the blog design too. :)

  • J9

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and have started reading your posts from the beginning. I am the person you described. yesterday on my lunch hour, I went to the Macy’s in Herald Square just for the sport of it. Other people know that as walking into hell. I talked myself out of a pink long sleeve shirt that I don’t need even thought it was only going to be $12!! I’m glad that someone can talk me down from the ledge of mindless parousing. At least I have a few more years before 30.

  • Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress

    j9- i have been to that Macy’s. It is a dangerous place and I blame it (not me, of course) for some tragic fashion accidents.

    walking away from a 12 shirt….you are obviously a saint.

  • Unintentional Housewife

    Have you listened to Naomi over at reading the Seuss? I didn’t really think I’d be into it, but I love it.

  • Fluckymom

    Brilliant experiment! You know we’re all reading to find out what happens in less than a year when you allow yourself to shop again, right? ;)

    I’ll be following.

  • anitacatchmybreath

    Not gonna lie. You’ve been blogging for years and I just recently discovered you (via my good friend Sara/MommaSohn), so as much as I love what I’ve read so far, I haven’t yet read most of your posts. I did, however, ultimately scroll to this one, which, it seems, is where it all started. And I wanted to say — while we’ve had very different pasts, what you write and how you write definitely speaks to and resonates with me. Thanks for your candor and vulnerability. Those are qualities I value deeply. By the way, like you, I started my own blog around a milestone birthday (just a few months ago) — not so much as a “gift” to myself as a “midlife crisis project”. Ha! But I’m 40.